Alberta Dental College and Association Problems


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Honourable [Health Minister's Name] Minister of Health Alberta Health [Address of the Health Ministry]

Dear Minister [Health Minister's Last Name],

Subject: Urgent Request for an Inquiry into the College of Dental Surgeons of Alberta

I am writing to express serious concerns regarding public safety and the operational practices of the College of Dental Surgeons of Alberta (CDSA). Over the past [time period], there have been several alarming incidents that suggest a pattern of oversight failures and inadequate responses to complaints that directly affect patient safety. [Detail specific incidents, provide evidence, and highlight the impact on public safety.]

These issues have undermined public trust in the regulatory framework meant to safeguard dental care standards in Alberta. Given the gravity of these concerns, I respectfully request that you order an independent inquiry into the CDSA's handling of public safety and complaint processes. Such an inquiry is crucial to restore public confidence and ensure that the regulatory body fulfills its mandate effectively.

I have attached a petition with [number] signatures from concerned citizens who support this call for an inquiry. Additionally, I have included detailed documentation of the incidents in question for your review. I urge you to take immediate action to address these critical issues. The health and safety of Albertans depend on a transparent and accountable regulatory system. Thank you for your attention to this matter. I look forward to your response.

Sincerely, [Your Name]Type your paragraph here.

Should public members on the College of Dental Surgeons of Alberta council respond to concerns of public safety and operations of the dental complaint system?
We asked ChatGPT:

Yes, public members on the College of Dental Surgeons of Alberta (CDSA) council should respond to concerns of public safety and the operations of the dental complaint system. Their role is integral to ensuring transparency, accountability, and trust in the regulatory process. Here are some reasons why this is important:

Public Representation and Trust:

Public members are appointed to represent the interests of the general public and ensure that the regulatory body acts in a manner that protects public safety. Their engagement is essential for maintaining public trust in the regulatory processes of the CDSA​ (College of Dental Surgeons of Alberta)​.

Transparency and Accountability:

Public members bring an external perspective that can help ensure that the council's decisions and processes are transparent and accountable. They can provide oversight and challenge decisions that may not align with public interest, ensuring the complaint system is fair and effective​ (College of Dental Surgeons of Alberta)​​ (College of Dental Surgeons of Alberta)​.

Improving Public Confidence:

By actively responding to concerns, public members can help improve public confidence in the dental profession and the regulatory body. This responsiveness demonstrates a commitment to addressing public safety concerns and improving the complaint resolution process​ (College of Dental Surgeons of Alberta)​​ (College of Dental Surgeons of Alberta)​.

Ensuring Fair and Impartial Processes:

Public members help ensure that the complaint process is not solely influenced by dental professionals but also considers the perspectives and rights of patients. This balance helps in creating a more impartial and fair complaint system​ (College of Dental Surgeons of Alberta)​.

Regulatory Best Practices:

Best practices in regulatory governance advocate for the involvement of public members in addressing concerns related to public safety and regulatory operations. This practice helps in aligning the regulatory body with broader societal values and expectations​ (College of Dental Surgeons of Alberta)​​ (College of Dental Surgeons of Alberta)​.

Given these points, the engagement of public members in responding to concerns about public safety and the operations of the dental complaint system is not just advisable but essential for the effective governance of the dental complaint system. 

How could I motivate the Alberta Health Minister to order an inquiry into the College of Dental Surgeons of Alberta related to public safety?

To motivate the Alberta Health Minister to order an inquiry into the College of Dental Surgeons of Alberta (CDSA) related to public safety, you should take a strategic and multi-faceted approach. Here are steps you can follow:

Gather Evidence and Document Issues:

Collect detailed documentation of any incidents or patterns that suggest failures in public safety or operational deficiencies within the CDSA.
Include specific cases, dates, and outcomes, emphasizing how these incidents have impacted public safety.

Petition and Public Support:

Create a petition highlighting the need for an inquiry and gather signatures from the public, especially those affected by the issues.
Utilize platforms like to reach a wider audience and demonstrate significant public concern.

Engage with Media and Public Advocacy:

Reach out to local media outlets with your concerns. Stories in the press can increase public awareness and pressure on the Health Minister.
Engage with advocacy groups focused on healthcare and patient safety to amplify your message.

Write a Formal Request to the Health Minister:

Draft a detailed letter to the Alberta Health Minister outlining your concerns and the evidence you've gathered. Be clear about why an inquiry is necessary.
Address the letter to the current Alberta Health Minister and send it to their office. Ensure the letter is professional, concise, and well-organized.

Involve Elected Officials:

Contact your local MLA and other provincial legislators, informing them of your concerns and asking for their support in calling for an inquiry.
Arrange meetings with these officials if possible to discuss the issue in person.

Use Social Media:

Launch a social media campaign to raise awareness. Use platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to share stories, information, and the petition.
Tag the Alberta Health Minister and other relevant officials in your posts to increase visibility.

Formal Complaint to the CDSA:

If you haven’t already, file a formal complaint with the CDSA outlining the issues. This establishes a record of your concerns directly with the regulatory body.
Request a written response and keep records of all correspondence.

Freedom of Information Requests:

Submit Freedom of Information (FOI) requests to obtain internal documents from the CDSA that may reveal systemic issues or past complaints and their handling.

Follow-Up and Persistence:

Regularly follow up with the Health Minister's office and other officials. Persistence is key in keeping the issue on their radar.
Update the public and media on any responses or progress to maintain momentum and public interest.

Other News:

How many Alberta children were put at risk due to the slow shutdown of a dental sedation facility that caused 4-year old Amber Athwal's brain damage? Why did the ADA&C three former presidents to meddle with investigations, tribunal and sedation revisions when they had limited training in this area of expertise? A new study looks past what the ADA&C's version of events.



​​​​​​New book exposes 2017 ADA&C advertising guide changes that seem to benefit council members more than the public/other dentists. Why were changes made that favoured board members without other significant improvements? NOTE an Edmonton dentist was fined and suspended for his choice of practice name...but the board members get off without a glance. Get the rules changed to avoid scrutiny?Now, after enough complaints, the guide 'sort of' allows the advertising of free consultations, but they recommend calling them 'no cost meet & greet'? Really? Should it be called we don't really want to change anything unless it helps board members? No input from the general membership or the public... isn't the Health Minister paying attention to this? It seems like Ms. Hoffman may actually be worried the ADA&C isn't making enough progress without intervention.

Whistleblower suggests a dental authority cover-up of a concern with an aggressive cosmetic dental training program that was promoted by a lab with a financial arrangement with the dental authority...were concerns ignored, dentists led astray and unsuspecting patients irreversibly harmed? Did the ADA&C breach the responsibility to put public safety as their #1 priority and cover-up their mistake... will the Health Minister take action? 

Book explains link between a  provincial dental authority, a large Canadian dental lab and a 'cosmetic dental' training program which encouraged Alberta dentists to fly patients out of the province (where they did not have licenses or malpractice coverage) - FREE E-Book explains this in shocking detail - CLICK HERE

Can you trust a dental health authority that tells the father of a child in a coma she doesn't have to help (LINK), one that allows its sedation guidelines to fall to the lowest level in the country where a dentist juggles complex treatment AND monitors deep sedation (something that even specialists find impossible to do)?


NEWS COVERAGE on the 'NDP-ADA&C Fee Guide Fiasco':

"This fee guide idea is a ceremonial gesture...not a real fix...the average family with ONE dental plan will end up PAYING MORE with this idea" -

*Wild Rose Party brings up Competition Bureau report and the ADA&C -

"Interview with a patient from the U of A dental school is actually a testimonial during the Hoffman presentation which is a violation of the advertising guidelines" - (shouldn't dentists be able to interview their own happy clients or do rules not apply to everyone?)

"Global News" -

"Fee Guide will help?" -

A child is now brain damaged after dental treatment in Edmonton...why is it legal for a dentist to try to do the deep sedation/general anaesthesia while also doing the dental work (the UK has banned this RISKY idea as children are dying in the dental chair across North America- it is also banned in BC and Saskatchewan - why was it allowed in Alberta?). Why is there a shortage of pediatric anesthesiologists in Alberta? California is revising the dental sedation laws due to deaths, while Alberta authorities twiddled their thumbs?  Will the ADA&C lawyer-complaint director know how to handle a truly serious issue or is this finally proof for the council that this position is outside her skill set...a full report should only take 30 days, not twelve months. Who thought she could handle this job?

UPDATE: The Alberta Dental Association and College adopted the following motion at its Council Meeting of October 28, 2016:
That the Alberta Dental Association and College
immediately suspend the single operator model of simultaneously providing deep sedation or general anesthesia and dental treatment by dentists registered in Alberta during the ongoing review of the Dental Facilities Accreditation Standard of Practice. This does not affect simultaneously providing conscious sedation and dental treatment for dentists registered in Alberta utilizing the Standard of Practice: Use of Sedation in Non-Hospital Dental Practice.

New Book Exposes the Risks to Your Child during Dental Sedation- LINK

The image below shows exculpatory evidence that was withheld proving the Alberta Dental Association & College had published a warning in 2007 related to 'unbelievable overtreatment of unsuspecting patients' not limited to esthetic dentistry. In 2011 the same authority banned a book on the same subject and called for misconduct charges to punish a dentist for 'harming the integrity of the profession.' Hypocrisy and misuse of the powers of the complaint system? 


Important links:

Have a concern with an Alberta dentist?

Are you a  dentist looking for help in Alberta?


May 2024 - The College of Dental Surgeons of Alberta finally decide to add a 'dentist' to their complaint investigation team following over a dozen years bumbling along with lawyers and ex-police with ZERO dental background. The crushing backlog of complaints has been frustrating patients and dentists alike. This suggestion was made over ten years ago but continued to be ignored by insiders who are believed by many to have wanted to maintain the upper hand in directing disciplinary cases as they chose. Efforts to press for reform were met with extreme prejudice as this would have admitted error on the part of the top brass. This is a big step forward but is long overdue. Who will be chosen for this important position is critical and we will be watching and reporting on any information that is leaked. 

- It appears the effort to have the college provide public member contacts has been successful and the CDSAB may be posting it online shortly. 

EFFORTS are now focused on getting the College of Dental Surgeons of Alberta to admit it has FAILED to understand the importance of 'patient refunds' as an integral part of the complaint resolution process - more important than fees for lawyers, expert witnesses and highly paid tribunal 'aka' jurors. The new head of the complaint system was quoted showing her lack of understanding of the Health Professions Act (p 84 which addresses refund powers)-which was also neglected by a long term former director who was quietly removed several years ago. The college must take responsibility for neglecting refunds to patients of dentists found guilty of misconduct, faulty or unnecessary treatment. SEE PHOTO TOP RIGHT

Calls to the Health Minister to look into this issue have been ignored. 

NOTE: Patients rights to evidence presented in their cases is also being ignored. They get ONE CHANCE to have their complaint processed by the hearing system, so why is their right to have an outside opinion of the college expert report being ignored? It could be the questionable quality of the expert reports who are often not as knowledgeable in the subject as they should be. 

April 2024 - Contact information for public members on the dental board have been hidden from public view since the separation of the ADA&C. This violation of the Health Professions Act has been sent to the Health Minister and the Ombudsman of Alberta for consideration. Fortunately the information has been leaked and can be found below: 

Ms S LaPerle- email: slaperle@cdsab

Mr. T Bayrock:

Ms. S Crockatt:

Ms. B Chipeur:

Ms. N Sandie:

A concerned citizen of Alberta could consider emailing the public members to express any disappointment with the dental college/board described here or otherwise. Some examples include concerns with errors made by their lawyers in cases where refunds should have been ordered, the duration of complaint processing is unacceptable, patients do not have the right to appeal (a dentist does) and suing of whistleblowers and critics of the college has put a chill on professionals who would otherwise speak out about concerns. ANOTHER issue is the mandate of the college is to put the public interest first, so why does it hide it's monthly newsletter content from the public? Recently a professional KISSED an under age patient and was let off without discipline. Would the public have agreed with this decision?

The best suggestion would be it is time for an outside enquiry to be ordered. These public members have been notified of very serious allegations that should be handled by the college or immediately taken to the Health Minister of Alberta. 


Dear Public members,

RE: Former ADA&C Complaint Director refers (reported) concern with Ms. _____ (redacted here)  (Complaint Director prior to G Preston) to Law Society of Alberta

This email (evidence sent along with this message) verifies the administrator felt my concern with Ms. _____ - former complaint director and legal advisor to council - as he puts it was 
'discreditable conduct of a lawyer', and should be referred to the Law Society of Alberta. I request the public members consider this as an argument to discuss the need for an outside enquiry with the Health Minister. 

Please note the Law Society responded that the conduct should be handled by the dental authority. I believe the ADA&C tolerated many instances of discreditable conduct by Ms. ____ that had a negative effect on both the public and dentists involved. I repeat my request for this to be taken seriously and brought to the attention of all public members and the Health Minister for consideration. 

​(CC. Health Minister Adriana LaGrange - 

Feb 2024- Reliable sources state serious complaints spanning 5 years are waiting on the sidelines while minor complaints are fast-tracked to improve the stats?

Concerned citizen discusses list of improvements necessary to improve the services to the public-  MLA agrees to take directly to the Alberta Health Minister for consideration.

Dentists upset over rising costs of yearly dues and minimal assistance with concerns. Some refer to terms of membership as 'blackmail'. 

January 2024- Alberta's dental college tosses out infected advertising rule book that diverted attention from important issues and bogged down complaint department.  This ends 

a 15+ year of selective punishment of dentists offering free consultations and affordable alternatives. It continues to seek to punishment of dentist used as an example during

this odd period of 'word policing'.

June 2023- Dentist calls on Alberta's New Health Minister to consider dental authority suspected breaches of Health Professions Act -

May 2023 - Comparison of Alberta's dental complaint system finds 1) Ontario DOES NOT CHARGE a patient to appeal (vs Alberta does). 2) Ontario's appeal panel is not loaded with dentists, in fact there are NONE. Alberta's dentists on council make up half the complaint and appeal panels and CHARGE high fees for this. BC dental's audit stopped BC's dental college from doing this several years ago.  3) The Ontario dental system PROVIDES the expert report to the patient (Alberta does not). 4) Ontario publishes its complaint processing times (likely 2-3 times FASTER service than Alberta). 5) Ontario publishes conflicts of interests of board members (Alberta keeps it secret? SHAME on this authority and Shame on the Health Ministers of all parties who have failed force an audit on the Alberta dental college - now called the College of Dental Surgeons of Alberta). 6. Try asking Alberta's dental authority a question? Many report being treated rudely or not even having their phone call answered. HELLO!!!??

- The Alberta dental authority loses an attempt to reverse a judgement that makes it responsible for most costs of the disciplinary process. The organization has been cited as being the most costly and slowest dental complaint program in Canada with a backlog of cases going back a reported 5-9 YEARS. This proves higher expenses do not make a complaint program more efficient or better for the person complaining or the one being reported. LInk to decision:

May 2023 - Another significant point this month has been the discovery that the FDA issued a warning in 2012 to the Myotronics Company related to concerns about the advertising of the K-7 jaw tracking device. The company was cited for issues related to unsubstantiated health/treatment claims related to headaches, migraines and other medical conditions. Certain seminars (like LVI) known to the Alberta dental authority push the use of devices made by this company as treatment for TMD, headaches and cosmetic dental issues leading to over-prescription of irreversible and costly procedures such as full mouth crowns. Currently there are many concerns with the Alberta dental authority not taking action against the use of questionable protocols and devices but this matter has been brought to the attention of the leader of the association who stated in an email that he would share it with the CEO of the College of Dental Surgeons of Alberta ('dental board'). 


April 2023- Alberta Dental Authority is concerned about recording of staff being questioned about lack of consideration of REFUND Rights under the Health Professions Act. Patient advocate is threatened by their lawyer rather than being thanked for finding a fault that is affecting the public. Are the Public Members aware of this? 

Actual Recording of College of Dental Surgeons of Alberta (the new dental board) asking about REFUNDS:

Many patients are SHOCKED by the way their complaints are handled by this health authority. They wait YEARS for the process to grind along, putting up with excuses for the time delay only to find they make deals with the dentist to pay the lawyer fees and NOT the patient? UNBELIEVABLE breach of the public trust and the essence of the Health Professions Act that allows dentists to self-govern. Maybe it's time to audit this organization and see where the money train is leading. If victims of dentistry get less than 1% of the total funds passing from dentists to the 'dental college' (board) is a total restructuring required? We give the CDSA an F and call on elected officials of both provincial parties to stop ignoring the calls for change. Separation was NOT ENOUGH without an outside audit of this 'Old Boy' system. (Scroll down to the May 22, 2022 comments to see this is NOT a new problem)

SHOCKING INFORMATION DISCOVERED: Alberta dentists were the focus of a specific seminar program called the 'Las Vegas Institute' which is currently in the news with concerns about an appliance ("AGGA") believed to have caused numerous injuries. The program was also known for aggressive cosmetic dentistry and a questionable science referred to as 'neuromuscular dentistry' which has been used to justify full mouths of porcelain crowns. The Alberta dental authority has received complaints about LVI-trained dentists for decades without ever taking a stand against the training program. Recently it was learned the authority made the decision to use an LVI-trained dentist to evaluate if another LVI-dentist should be referred to a disciplinary hearing. This ridiculous decision allowed the dentist and the questionable approach to avoid scrutiny of a hearing. The patient complaint was dismissed and the authority REFUSED to provide the expert report that let the dentist off the hook. Who made this rule banning the public access to this critical information? Maybe someone should call to find out? (Tip- Record the call)

Alberta dental authority ignores early warnings of reports of harmful dental appliances promoted in this province. The American dental association issued the following statement following a CBS news investigation into a device sold as AGGA, Anterior Guided Growth Appliance and other names:

​CBS News report:

Press Release discusses concerns with prolonged dentist investigations -

September 2022- The Newly SEPARATED dental authority ('dental police') and association ('dentist lobby') are CAUGHT quietly using the SAME Law Firm. This obvious conflict of interest should be a concern to all patients and dentists. A complaint has been filed. One concern related to this is the new dentist liability insurance is being handled by the college side which arguably is also a conflict of interest- would an association law firm argue as effectively against a member of its own firm? The LAW Society or Ombudsman may have something to say about this if those in control fail to address this concern. 

The BEST way to attempt to get attention to concerns with the dental profession - besides filing a complaint (which often takes 4-5 years to be heard, and often dismissed) or suing a dentist is to contact the PUBLIC MEMBERS on the 'dental board' - their email addresses are available on this webpage (click on the names with Public Member designation) -      NOTE:The dental authority has been informed the email contact list may not function on apple phones or for Gmail users.

What concerns could be important to mention? 

1) Your dentist is using/has used/is suggesting 'neuromuscular' or 'physiologic' dentistry as a cure for TMJ and recommends a full mouth of crowns. DO NOT DO IT until you do your research and decide for yourself if the scientifically unverified procedures are worth the risk. You could warn the public members the Alberta authority seems to be missing the correlation between complaints and this type of treatment. 

2) You could ask why a very small percentage of people in the complaints department have any dental background.

3) You could ask why patients are being told the authority does not provide compensation, while the Health Professions Act allows tribunals to order REFUNDS. Isn't a refund a form of compensation for fees wasted? 

4) You could ask for the statistics on how long complaints take until they are settled? How much of the costs end up in patients hands rather than lawyers, experts and tribunal members? Is it really less than 1%? 

5) Who are the 'experts' being used to handle complaints about 'Las Vegas' seminar trained dentists and why would they consider the protocols 'standard of care' simply because the courses are approved for educational credit by the American Dental Association (which does not carefully scrutinize course content)? Why are their expert reports provided to the patients?

6) Ask the public members if the term limits of tribunal members (jury) are being respected or are 'long term' insiders using the system as a retirement fund? 

If you have a formal complaint made to the dental authority about a dentist do not reveal your name. 

We contacted the Ontario Dental College (board) to ask their current position on 'Neuromuscular' dentistry (Aug 31, 2022) - the following prompt reply was received:

​Thank you for contacting the RCDSO.


The College does not review, approve or endorse any particular dental material, technique, product or any specific course or program. Dentists would be expected to use their professional judgement in assessing whether or not they have the knowledge and skills to competently perform procedures and subsequently manage any issues that may arise. We also recommend that dentist are aware of what the general consensus seems to be in the literature before recommending any technologies/techniques/ procedures for their patients and not just rely on what the sales reps provide them.


For your convenience, here is the link to the College’s guidelines for Diagnosis and Management of Temporomandibular Disorders (  


Please note page 6 of the Diagnosis and Management of Temporomandibular Disorders Guidelines indicates:


“The concept of “neuromuscular occlusion” is based on the diagnostic value of electromyography for TMDs and treatment is based on the use of electrical stimulation of the muscles of mastication to establish appropriate occlusal positioning. Controlled studies suggest that there is a wide range of results and inconsistent findings using electromyography, which minimize its usefulness as a diagnostic test for TMD. Specifically, differences between TMD patients and healthy controls were not consistent. Regarding the clinical efficacy of TMD treatment based on electrical stimulation of the muscles of mastication, there is insufficient data from well controlled studies to rule out a placebo effect.
Until properly controlled studies are available, there is insufficient evidence to support the clinical use of these techniques.”




Lisa McCannel, RDH




Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario

6 Crescent Road, Toronto, ON M4W 1T1

* related to the Alberta Dental authority - aka 'dental college' (not university or dental school) - aka 'dental board'  aka 'ADA&C' (names are subject to change due to reorganization as directed by gov't)

On June 1 the 'dental authority side' of the ADA&C officially separated and is now calling itself the 'College of Dental Surgeons of Alberta'

It has claimed (see image below) that because the college insists dentists are registered with their organization that this somehow 'ensures that Albertans receive safe, appropriate, ethical and quality dental care.' This claim appears to be obviously FALSE as nearly ALL complaints of inappropriate, unethical and poor quality dental care is provided by registered members of this organization. Almost ZERO harmful dental care in Alberta is provided by unregistered dentists or people claiming to be dentists. 

The simple act of having dentists register and pay dues in no way ensures or guarantees the safety of dental care in this province. In order to register in Alberta there are a minimal number of requirements and the authority has consistently ignored calls to address many of the common causes of harm (for example- use of questionable dental products or procedures taught by for-profit seminars with sponsors who stand to profit from dentists following their advice). By using the term 'ensures' the dental authority is guaranteeing or supposedly making sure these harmful acts are NOT occurring when in reality it is simply waiting for the complaints and then hiring a person who usually has no formal dental training to look into the complaint, passing the file to another person who has no formal dental training and then if they feel necessary hiring a person with some dental knowledge (often a retired dentist who has worked for the authority for years) to review the records and after 3-5 YEARS making a decision to move into a formal hearing where a group of people listen to the report made by the first group -often not including the victim at the hearing itself- and assigning a generic ethics course, some fees for the process and a suspension (usually without any courses that address the concern in question). During this 3-5 YEARS many patients of the dentist in question will be treated while NOT KNOWING the dentist is under investigation. Imagine if the dentist is incompetent at a certain procedure and it takes 5 years to get the ruling? How many other victims will be added to the list? 

Would a responsible authority not have a RAPID RESPONSE review by a highly knowledgeable professional to determine if there should be an IMMEDIATE action to, for example stop the dentist from providing any dental implants or root canals? What if it is a sedation injury - brain damage? How many people would continue to be seen by this professional before the sedation program section of the practice was shut down? We already saw this failure in action in the Amber Athwal tragedy in Edmonton (see below for reference on a book on the subject). 

In short, this advertising claim by the dental authority appears to be a lie, incorrect or wishful thinking. The actual words it should use would be an admission that it is failing to protect the public with the current staff, protocols and systems in place. 

July/August 2022- Alberta Dental College (dental board) fails to address concerns with advertising of unproven treatment approach linked to cluster of complaints and lawsuits. One hired expert claimed the divergence from the protocols used by this approach was a concern, when in reality the protocols are unsubstantiated and following them would be questionable. In a different review a statement suggested that 'neuromuscular dentistry' is a generic term rather than one which has been associated with concerns of overtreatment. The AMERICAN DENTAL ASSOCIATION -according to Colgate - implies this approach is not scientifically verified:


​"...the American Dental Association does not recognize this branch of dentistry, making the practice controversial. It's important to note that correcting jaw position to treat or prevent TMD has not been proven with randomized controlled clinical trials—the gold standard in evidence-based dentistry."

"...there is little scientific evidence backing the effectiveness of the practice."

Therefore it appears the dental board is either unaware the multiple complaints from Alberta patients are often related to dentists who are under the spell of a certain seminar program or the authority does not want to admit its long time advertising client has promoted seminars that have caused many Albertans to have extensive, irreversible, costly and risky UNNECESSARY dental procedures. This 'treatment' is often provided at a cost of $30,000 -60,000 - with a cascade of predictable complications that often begin soon after the procedures which lead to pain, infected teeth, loss of teeth and recommendations for complete replacement of the dentistry provided. Shockingly, the dental authority RARELY rules in favor of the patient receiving compensation for the costs involved in spite of health regulation that provides this power. Just as unacceptable is the many years involved in 'sorting out' these complaints which typically follow a predictable sequence. The dental knowledge of the average dental complaint investigators has never been as low as it is at the present time with ex-police and lawyers likely forming the majority of the personnel in this department. 

May 2022 - Petition to address Fairness to Injured Alberta Dental Patients - Why is only 1% of the $ from 'Bad Dentists' going to the Victims? How many years do investigations need to take?

The Alberta dental authority lawyers are FORGETTING the patient right to a REFUND within the Health Professions Act

See (i) below in the Alberta Health Professions Act:
Orders of Committee
60(1) If the Discipline Committee finds that the conduct of an investigated person constitutes unskilled practice of dentistry or professional misconduct, or both, the Committee may make any one or more of the following orders:
(a) reprimand the investigated person;
(b) suspend the licence or registration, or both, of an investigated person either generally or from any field of the practice of dentistry for a stated period;
(c) suspend the licence or registration, or both, of an investigated person either generally or from any field of practice until
(i) the investigated person has completed a specified course of studies or obtained supervised practical experience, or
(ii) the Committee is satisfied as to the competence of the investigated person generally or in a specified field of practice;
(d) accept in place of a suspension the investigated person’s undertaking to limit the investigated person’s practice;
(e) impose conditions on the investigated person’s ability to engage in the practice of dentistry generally or in any field of the practice, including the conditions that the investigated person
(i) practise under supervision,
(ii) not engage in sole practice,
(iii) permit periodic inspections by a person authorized by the Committee, or
(iv) report to the Committee or Board on specific matters;
(f) direct the investigated person to pass a particular course of study or satisfy the Committee or Board as to the investigated person’s practical competence generally or in a field of practice;
(g) direct the investigated person to satisfy the Committee or Peer Review Committee that a disability or addiction can be or has been overcome, and suspend the person’s licence or registration, or both, until the Committee or Peer Review Committee is so satisfied;
(h) require the investigated person to take counselling that in the opinion of the Committee or Peer Review Committee is appropriate;
direct the investigated person to waive, reduce or repay a fee for services rendered by the investigated person that, in the opinion of the Committee, were not rendered or were improperly rendered;
(j) cancel the licence or registration, or both, of the investigated person;
(k) cancel or suspend, subject to any terms the Committee considers appropriate, the permit where the investigated person is a professional corporation.

​Report from the American Council on Science and Health warns unregulated dentist seminars are leading to unnecessary procedures and has recommendations for dental authorities which are being ignored in this province:



To dental organizations: • The American Dental Association should issue guidelines categorizing dental techniques as: 1) generally safe and effective, 2) experimental but based on sound scientific principles, or 3) unsound or disproven. • Dental malpractice insurers should withhold coverage for claims arising from procedures classified as unsound or disproven. • Third party insurers should not pay for unsound or disproven procedures and should closely monitor claims based on experimental treatments. • Steps should be taken to stop the spread of misinformation to dentists through accredited courses. This can be accomplished by setting and enforcing standards for the sponsors of courses and lecturers. Unproven hypotheses and conjectures must be distinguished from factual information. The standards that exist today do not weed out questionable topics and speakers. Some educators are concerned that overly rigid standards can stifle the development of important new ideas. However, these recommendations will not stifle scientific progress, since dentists can still take such courses but will simply receive no credit for them.

When a recent Alberta dental authority president was asked to consider banning educational credits from certain courses (as also recommended by the report above) with a high correlation to dental complications and complaints he dismissed the idea and responded 'They are simply an alternative approach'. With a high number of complaints now coming from patients treated by dentists trained by a las Vegas or 'neuromuscular' -based program perhaps it is time to reconsider this? These dentists could be forced to have patients informed the procedures are NOT scientifically verified and are in fact experimental. Sadly it has recently been discovered that even ADA&C experts are confused on the subject and do not recognize the extreme abuse of a full mouth of unnecessary procedures on otherwise healthy teeth. This province has been a hotspot due to the heavy promotion of these seminars over the last couple decades.

Be especially wary of 'TMJ' cures using full mouth crowns or the 'AGGA' jaw growing appliance as a 'cure' - both have a high risk of complications and are NOT scientifically verified procedures. The Alberta dental authority has also resisted pleas to warn dentists specifically about this issue. 

April 2022- Alberta dental authority to date has hired 4 ex-police to head and support the complaint department. Grand total of ZERO years of dental training. This is extremely unusual and a sign of desperation. If dentists are truly acting like criminals the real police should be called. Police and lawyers do not know the dental profession. They make excuses they are YEARS behind and then choose unqualified personnel? Was one ex-policeman involved in an incident that killed an Edmonton child? He's now an investigator? Another one was accused of not reading a suspect his rights? Isn't this the same as a dentist failing to get proper consent before surgery? 

The dental authority is now being investigated by an independent authority following complaints from different sources. We look forward to sharing the findings here in the future. 

Multiple cases have proven Authority Lawyers have FAILED to follow the guidelines of the Health Professions Act (HPA) to consider recommending a full refund to patients of dentists who have admitted or been found guilty of professional misconduct. Calculations have found close to 99% of fines or costs collected from guilty dentists DO NOT GO TO THE VICTIMS. Follow the money right to the lawyers, consultants and jury members. This is absolutely ridiculous- compounded by the fact that Alberta has the HIGHEST DENTAL DISCIPLINE COSTS in Canada. Write Alberta's New Health Minister and tell him this is NOT acceptable. ALL patient cases where dentists admitted guilt should be reviewed by an outside agency from 2009 to the present to flag patients who were denied their rights within the HPA to a refund for the treatment in question. 

Multiple Class action lawsuits are swirling around the damage from AGGA and ALF appliances that has been first sold to dentists at questionable seminars touting unsubstantiated claims of 'growing jaws' when in fact the appliances can tip teeth right out of the jaw bone. 


December 2021- Alberta dentists claim new malpractice plan imposed on AB dentists puts them AND the public at greater risk- Everyone concerned is encouraged to sign petition which will be delivered to the Health Minister:

October 2021- New Health Minister informed of concerns with Alberta dental authority. An 'oversight' organization looks into questions on dental authority lawyer responses - this could be good news for patients and dentists victimized by a misguided system where complaints often would take 5 YEARS to be processed. The only winners are the lawyers and consultants who absorb OVER 99% of the funds changing hands. DO NOT EXPECT A REFUND EVEN IF THE DENTIST ADMITS MISCONDUCT. 

May 2021- Reporter investigates dentist's claim that the Alberta dental authorities KNEW about problems with gross over-treatment and in 2007 published an internal warning to dentists about risks of misinformation at dental seminars- and ignored requests for this exculpatory evidence to help their case against a dentist-author who published a book on the same subject three years later. This could be a case of extreme obstruction of justice with many top officials involved. Read the article:

April 2021- ADA&C quietly installs a new complaints director - former policeman and lawyer Mr. Greg Preston. Outgoing director seemed unable to complete cases in a timely manner. 

March 2021- Alberta patient waits 5 years for a tribunal decision that finds the dentist guilty and the FINANCIAL AWARD goes to the lawyers - no consideration for the patient's $30,000 plus loss even though the Health Professions Act allows for decision including a refund of treatment costs. This is PROOF the ADA&C lawyers DO NOT PUT PATIENTS FIRST. 

March 2021- Evidence surfaces that proves the ADA&C had serious concerns about OVERTREATMENT of unsuspecting patients which they kept hidden from disciplinary proceedings which question the very nature of their exaggerated attack on the dentist-author who wrote a book on the SAME subject. How many lawyers and administrators are involved has yet to be determined but hiding exculpatory evidence is a serious ethics violation. 

March 2021-Dentist sued for defamation for reporting alleged incident of sexual misconduct/unprofessional misconduct involving a former Alberta dental authority president to the dental authority- and reported to an MLA when the authority neglected to take action. Health Minister responded to request for whistleblower protection. COURT TRANSCRIPTS posted shortly for public review. 

A similar case where a person was sued for reporting misconduct found this was unacceptable: 

February 2021- Alberta dental association & college agrees to steps towards division of the organization and boost to public participation. It quietly seeks a replacement for the complaint director who has been the focus of concern since her installation. Currently the director seems to be rushing to clear her desk of a 9 year backlog of patient complaints she allowed to pile up as she was distracted with dentist vs dentist advertising complaints. In a perfect example of grave concern with the complaint system a patient attending a tribunal in February 2021 watched as lawyers negotiated a settlement of $30,000 for THEMSELVES forgetting the patient's rights. 

According to the Health Professions Act (HPA):

(i) if, in the opinion of the hearing tribunal, the investigated person’s fees for professional services were improper or inappropriate or the professional services that the investigated person provided were improperly rendered or required the complainant to undergo remedial treatment, the hearing tribunal may direct the investigated person to waive, reduce or repay the fee for professional services provided by the investigated person; 

Shockingly when asked why the patient did not get included in the settlement the ADA&C lawyer (Julie G) replied INCORRECTLY that it is not generally the case. The patient soon found other examples where patient refunds were included as allowed in the HPA. Then the patient asked to appeal and was told correctly 'the HPA does not allow the patient to appeal the decision of a tribunal committee.' ONLY THE DENTIST can appeal? What if the ADA&C lawyers did not do their job? She was told she could complain to the ombudsman. Perhaps the patient has more alternatives than to accept the failure of ADA&C lawyers to think outside their own billable hours. According to some rough calculations less than 1% of the money squeezed from dentists in the ADA&C disciplinary process ends up helping the patient in spite of regulation making it clearly it is allowed. A FULL AUDIT of all of Ms. Colleen Wetter's cases over her term as complaint director should be performed. 

Patients must not accept this.

Feb. 2021- After years of searching a document was discovered that proved the ADA&C published an internal warning to Alberta dentists in September 2007 (seen above in photo) related to 'overtreatment of unsuspecting patients' a full three years prior to Dr. Michael Y Zuk's book on the exact same subject. The ADA&C also processed multiple complaints of patients harmed by overtreatment in a way not to link the damage to seminars promoted by their main advertising client. The ADA&C lawyer (recently removed from her post) may have intentionally refused to hand over the evidence that would have destroyed her censorship of the Red Deer dentist's book. The ADA&C president recently claimed the complaint department is doing an 'excellent job'. Either he is misinformed or a distorting reality. Health Minister Tyler Shandro, responding to persistent calls for action, sponsored a review of the complaint system. Shandro's review is expected to support concerns of many patients and dentists which are discussed on this website and would support his decision to force division of the two sides of the ADA&C. 

April 2020- Video released exposing link between ADA&C with harmful dentist seminar program- censorship of book questioned (see above)

Top Stories- Critic of Alberta dental authority claims ADA&C may be violating the Conflicts of Interest Actof the province - top officials have undisclosed ties to dental broker company, dental corporations and dental insurance- some may be using positions of power to direct investigations to hamper competitors (example: Former CEO's children may be working for a company that lists dental practices may be benefiting from the authority's interference with a major dental corporation that prefers to buy direct from a dentist seller). Secret meetings wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars on possible turf protection for the chief of the dental authority and his family? Why was this not disclosed? Why were awards given to insiders with questionable issues? Is the president of the ADA&C tied to 'Dental Corp' and how many on council have the same corporate or other connections? The current CEO - Dr. Randal Croutze -refuses to answer these questions? 

PRESS RELEASE explains Ontario & Manitoba dental authorities banned 'Neuromuscular' Dentistry which has been blamed for $60,000 'over-treatment' of headaches and should not be used as an excuse of full mouth crowns. Alberta's authority has been recorded blaming Health Canada but is actually responsible for treatment approaches used by Alberta dentists. A number of patients have found the dental authority to be unresponsive to concerns and some are currently suing dentists related to this treatment. A detailed report has been submitted for consideration by the ADA&C. 

Victim of Over-treatment speaks out to dental board -

December 2018 - New Book discusses questionable decisions by the Alberta Dental Authority possibly tied to continued harm to unsuspecting patients -

"Quirky Alberta Dentist Advertising Rules were just a smokescreen to divert attention away from the Dental Authority's concerns about a Rogue Cosmetic Dentist Training Program which continues to lead to unnecessary drilling of Healthy Teeth. The ADA&C is linked to a Corrupt Educational Program that was fueled by Canada's largest dental lab. Victims are comparing notes on Social Media, talking to lawyers and are expected to participate collectively against the violation of the public's trust. Dentists warped by this training do not benefit from punishment or current ADA&C ethics training, the dentists were misled by the program and the dental authority needs to admit its part of the problem. It pretended to fix abusive cosmetic dentistry and over-treatment for headaches/wrinkles with full mouth veneers by banning the term 'smile makeover'? GMAB."

Interested in signing a petition to end the education credits for a questionable 'neuro-muscular' dentist training program sanctioned in many other provinces that may have harmed thousands? Read the book above, then decide if Alberta's dental authority has done enough to protect you and your loved ones.