Alberta Dental Association Problems?

We simply provide our opinion - But yours is more important

Try calling the Alberta Dental Association & College with your concerns (expect to listen to on hold music for a long time, and then get a 'no comment'). If not satisfied you should contact one or more of the following:

TOP CHOICE: Contact the new Alberta Minister of Health - Sarah Hoffman has already stated she will start an informal investigation into dentist fees and conflicts of interest within the Alberta Dental Association & College.

Complain about the Alberta Dental Association's anti-consumer positioning against competitive pricing by

dentists here for the Consumers' Advocacy Group of Canada: Click Link

If you have a complaint about the Alberta Dental Association & College you could contact the Ombudsman of Alberta:

Link to Online Complaint Form

We wish to thank MLA Dr. David Swann for listening to our concerns and recommending significant changes to the government to revise the Alberta Dental Association & College  -LINK

You should also contact the media & your provincial representative.